As the second biggest Gay Pride festival in California, Long Beach has an upper hand on some other cities, being off the ocean-that’s where Overboard LBC comes in. Offering an electronic musical experience for both locals and visitors since 2015, Overboard LBC brings more than a club. It’s life changing.

Producer Joe Pizano saw a need to bring an event that would tend to the house music loving crowd and launched Overboard LBC as an alternative to the Long Beach Pride event. Featured artists have included DJ Derek Monteiro, DJ Shane Stiel, DJ Ryan Kenney, DJ Pornstar, DJ Paulo Ramirez, DJ Anthony Mazza, DJ Oren Nirzi, DJs The Perry Twins, Topher Dimaggio, Arad Winwin, Murray Swanby, The Boulet Brothers, Delta Work, Jai Rodriguez, designer Andrew Christian, and DJ Drew G just to name a few.

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